23 February, 2008

a day wasted...

Have you ever come across a day when you feel wasted?
A day when you are worrying about every goddamn thing on the earth
like worrying abt home, family, friends, career, money, hobby , work, studies, etc etc
and in that jhol..
u don't concentrate and work on even one thing
Today seemed to be one of those days.

Got a really nice compliment last night.
So was feeling really nice about it.. when this happened..

and it gets depresing.. the feeling kills you bit by bit.. and you just sit there...
doing nothing


22 February, 2008


Went out in the cold to shoot yesterday .. after a long time..
was a pleasure to see the passion over ruling the hardships of the weather..
wrote a poem after a long time..
the good feeling is back !

19 February, 2008


...scrabulous with a person you like...
watch the time pass by..
cherish the moments..
laugh... tease...

basketball with classmates..
gasp for breath...


17 February, 2008

sports freak

IU won today ! I played basketball... too bad on stamina..!

16 February, 2008

Letting go..

The feeling so so so so bad .. when you preach something and you fail to abide by it yourself.
I happen to preach this thing about letting go of things.. but of late.. some things have been bothering me so much.. and i just hate it...

15 February, 2008

About Today

Yoday one friend mentioned the futility of the Valentine's Day! A serious thought about why does one need a separate day to express Love for someone?
Shouldn't everyday be the same day if you love someone?

14 February, 2008


spend the whole day contemplating on the things that are out there..
guess its important to do so from time to time..

13 February, 2008


There are two here!
DJ in the basketball! and SnowWhite allaround!
I m loving IU Basketball and the snow!


Today I finally got to see the snowfall that I had always visualized.
Little cotton flurries in the air.. fighting with each other...
for a place ...
for a race to reach the ground.. or an effort to stay afloat for long...
Watching the black ground getting covered with the white blanket..
Makes you feel like going and skidding on it.. feel it..
but the disarray .. caused by that one foostep...makes one sad...

12 February, 2008


There are some people you meet along this beautiful journey called life that they just makes you smile everytime you think about them. And then there are some you never meet actually but u just have had spent so much time with them online, or other means.

I have been so fortunate to meet quite a few of them along the way.
Thanks all.

Why a new blog?

...this is mainly to serve as a down-the-memory lane blog.
Memories of travel...of old friends.. of the interesting people met all around the world..
memories of times with loved ones..
of the times one dreams of with loved ones.
of the times that maketh the soul happy..
cause anything else is just ephemeral.