30 March, 2008

A fact

From a friend's blog..

it goes something like this
I don't have time to get angry with people, life is short and there is so much to do and achieve.
How true !!! I think its true with every other emotion...why waste time when its not working :-)

I replied back stating that though this may be true for a lot of things.. there are a few emotions that require a lot of patience.. and love is one of that.. I could go on and write for pages about love.. but i am not going to do that.

and in another post another friend wrote that men don't show emotions.... well.. not really ... I cannot buy that . generalizing it to the entire men clan is not right... I agree that while we men are a bit careful about showing emotions.. its not that we do not have emotions.. we do .. its just that we don't show it so often.. and thats the way it is going to be for long.

22 March, 2008

Do you believe in Telepathy?

I have this weird thing in me of getting into telepathic connection with people often.
Initially I used to get bugged by it.
So many times I have landed up in this situation where I end up what the person in front of me is about to say. And the other kind is, when I am thinking of someone and their message or call comes. That's perhaps the strongest form of telepathy.

21 March, 2008

Time to do what you like to do..

A new friend blogged today about having the time to do things what you really love doing.
How true that is. Thanks for that idea.

19 March, 2008

Being frank about things

Very few times you meet people who are frank about what they say and do.
Today I interacted with a director of design of a firm and he was blunt, he blasted me on my resume and cover letter, but on retrospect, I find what he said to be true.
I appreciated the fact that he was frank about it and the one important thing that it compelled me to do was think. It compelled me think about me. About my profession, about what I do and most importantly WHY i am doing it.
At the end of it, I may not have got what I wanted, but what I got was way more than what I initially wanted.
It did teach me to be myself and proud of what I am, no matter how small I am.

18 March, 2008

Need to manage time

I guess one of the things I have been bad at lately is manage time.
The number of things that i want to do is so much and at times I feel that I need a longer day!
But I know.. i should first try to manage the time that is there available well and then look for a longer day!
People inspire me... Its amazing the people I meet and interact with everyday. Everyone has something interesting about them and that is worth sharing and talking about.

07 March, 2008

What is the worst thought?

Well.. one of the worst thoughts in the world is knowing that you are being neglected by a person you care for.
The thought just kills you. Every time you think of interacting with the person, the thought that he/she might not read or interact with you in the first place, horrifies you.
You think you should drop a msg to say you care, but the other person might not even care to look at it.
This then sends you into a negative frame of mind. Things around you start looking weird. Then there is this whole pessimism that sets in.
Its then that the mind starts playing games with you. The heart will try to convince you to forget it, its not a big thing...After all there are many more people in the world you can care for.. Many more that would appreciate what you do for them...

So who do you listen to .. the mind or the heart... and again these turmoils start....
and it goes on .. and on .. and you just want to get it out of your mind... and you wait relentlessly for any of the two possibilities... either you motivate yourself to forget and move on.. or you wait desperately for the things to set back to as it was..

06 March, 2008

Can the mind be without a thought?

Why cant the mind be without a thought ever?
Why is that we always crave for someone to share the thoughts that constantly torment the mind?
Will sharing reduce the pain that that the mind is going through?
I did read somewhere that all it requires to changes the thought of the mind is another thought. But then we are not attaining the state of Shoonya. Or as we say, the state of no-thought.

I wonder if that state is attained after years of practice? I am dead sure it is.

05 March, 2008

Caring for someone is seeking attention?

Ok.. so you care for someone..
and one day you stop caring for that person altogether?
Has it ever happened to you? Has happened me quite a few times.. and every-time i feel miserable about it... and it affects me...

It's a Catch 22 situation... if u don't care.. people think u are mean .. and if you do... people think you are being selfish .. and do that in-order to seek attention for yourself...

Its a weird situation... but very common i feel. or is it just me?