17 February, 2013

My Aha Moments

Of late, I am really trying hard to manage my time, so that it I am able to manage my stuff and also get time to do things that really interest me, and I am genuinely happy doing. In this exercise, I realized that I am happy when I am my productive best and vice versa. These happy moments are a result of what we designers call the Aha moments. So I set forth to recall the moments and circumstances in which I get these aha moments and as a result am happy.

I made the above typographic poster out of it and shared it with a few designer friends. The interesting part is that many of them connected to it. So I know that when I need to get my happy moments, I just need to do any of these. I know it is easier said than done, but we will give it a try! 

03 February, 2013

In love with Sunrises

Vivekanand Memorial
Should try to see more of them.
Body clock needs to be adjusted.

Confession: It's more challenging than I thought.