22 November, 2008


Of late I have been in this non-stop working mode.

One of the films that has hugely inspired me in my photography, the style and the subject is Born into Brothels. I have watched it multiple times and the desires to do something worthwhile in life always sets the adrenaline pumping high! The photographer went on to set up the organization Kids with Cameras.

Today was no different! I remember this kid, Avijit from the movie. Just learnt that this kid has now been admitted to the Tisch School of Arts, NYU. And that is such a great news!!!!!!
It inspires me for my project all the more.
"Avijit has been accepted to Tisch School of the Arts at NYU! To help fund his education expenses, he has selected nine of his photographs taken last summer in Calcutta and combined them into a stunning collection of postcards. On the back you will find Avijit's title and description of each photograph. Purchase this set of nine postcards and help Avijit realize his educational goals! "

The point I am trying to make is that there is a determination that can be seen in the photographer, the student and finally there are people in the world who are helping Avijit achieve his dreams.

What is more interesting but not significant, is that I was admitted there too (I did not make it there finally though). Wish I had, then I would be studying alongside him! :)

19 November, 2008

100 things I love.. Love Doing

Was recently tagged by Sharanya, to list down the 100 things I love and or Love Doing. (this is not in any order of preference)
  1. Smiling people
  2. Children
  3. Friends
  4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (the serial)
  5. IIT Guwahati
  6. St Joseph's Darjeeling
  7. Indian Railways
  8. Road Side tea stall
  9. Barista
  10. Fall colors
  11. Smell of earth after rains
  12. Kolkata
  13. Schools in rural India
  14. Chatting
  15. Large Windows
  16. Gothic architecture
  17. Cathedrals
  18. Sunsets
  19. Walking on the beach
  20. Swimming
  21. Teaching
  22. Writing poems
  23. Netra
  24. Morning Sunshine and the patterns it creates
  25. Blogging
  26. Sitting / standing on open door of Indian Railways train.
  27. Jhaal Mudhi
  28. Moong phali (Groundnuts) in trains
  29. Cooking Aloo matar
  30. Making Pooris
  31. Biking at high speeds (Suzuki Katana ideally, but 120kmph on Pulsar would also do)
  32. Smiling
  33. Post it notes
  34. Sketch books
  35. Parents
  36. Sisters
  37. Village home
  38. Earthen roads
  39. Pottery
  40. Hand made paper
  41. Handicrafts
  42. Banaras
  43. Design theory
  44. Film theory
  45. Criticism
  46. Typography
  47. Paulo Coelho
  48. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  49. Sachin Tendulkar
  50. Indian Cricket
  51. Michael Phelpps
  52. Chicago Downtown
  53. New York Subway
  54. San Francisco Trams
  55. Pacific Highway
  56. Canadian Rockies
  57. Trekking in Sikkim
  58. Driving a Mahindra Bolero (and other SUVs)
  59. Observing people in public places
  60. Hugs
  61. Moonlight
  62. Bright colors
  63. Motivating lectures (Randy Pausch, Martin Luther, Barack Obama types)
  64. Kishore Kumar's songs
  65. Black and White movies
  66. Realism
  67. 50mm 1.8 lens
  68. Fabindia Kurtas
  69. Traveling alone
  70. Striking conversations with strangers
  71. Gulab Jamuns (making and eating)
  72. Patterns in Nature
  73. Outdoor camping
  74. Born fires
  75. Taking notes in class
  76. The sound of flute
  77. Buddhism
  78. Getting nostalgic
  79. Telling stories
  80. Surprising loved ones
  81. Loving and being loved
  82. Gardening
  83. The sound of waters (sea, rivers, streams).
  84. Singing
  85. Dancing in friend's marriage
  86. Letting go of things
  87. Suggesting a book / movie to someone
  88. Indian Women
  89. Hindi Music
  90. Cultures of the world
  91. Working with music playing on my system
  92. Doing crazy stuff like skydiving !
  93. Macbook
  94. Documentary making
  95. Graphitti
  96. Sitting under a Mango tree
  97. History and historical stories
  98. Chai
  99. Hawai chappal
  100. Myself.
I tag Neha.

16 November, 2008

That's almost 10 USD dollars.
I think I can pay for a fees for one child's two months in the private school I visit.
Or better still I can buy the items to organize a small creativity exercise (like painting, drawing) in the schools.
I could travel from one corner of India to the other (Jammy to Kanyakumari) or (Guwahati to Kota) in the general class of Indian Railways.
I could do so much more !

What about you?

14 November, 2008

A moment with Netra

It's not that I am not spending time with Netra, its just that I am not being able to show my world captured through Netra's eyes to the world. She is surely disappointed. I bought her the gift the other day, the one that allows you to add extra light to what you see. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to see her adorn that. Sometimes I wonder whether it was worth it. Instead I could have got her another lens. I am sure she would have been happier.

But then, mistakes happen. One cannot get stressed because of it. Just let it go.. and move on. I am sure Netra would understand that me not spending too much time with her, is no way a signifier of me not loving her.

My love for her has not died out and will not be. We just enjoyed the beautiful fall season. It was nature at its best. Netra could not stop smiling. And why should she? It is always great to see your loved one be happy. Even if its for the silliest thing you do. She kept making those weird click noises, which would perhaps disturb the birds in the trees or annoy people passing by. But I did not care. I was happy... as she was happy. As we walked through the woods, with she in my arms, and her arms around my neck, I felt blessed. I felt blessed for being able to spend the time with someone I loved dearly and be so close to her. I guess it was more special as I was spending so much time with her after a long time.

We sit in the cozy room arms in arms, staring across the window, at the naked trees. With shades of gray and brown only. The gloomy atmosphere slowly starts to set in. It's going to be a harsh winter ahead I hear. We perhaps will go to some other places during that time.

But before that I am taking Netra to Augusta and Atlanta. The time out of the boundaries of the home and also around a different part of the US should make her feel better. I know however I am not going to be showing a different culture, but I think introducing her to some of my other friends would be good. A love should not feel sad or jealous if the other lover loves to do something and feels happy doing it. I like to enjoy with my friends and I would love that Netra also enjoys their company. I have seen so many of my friends get into bad situations if this is not the case. Like they say, I am happy if you are happy, and vice versa.I could sense the jealousy within Netra, when in one of the past weeks my love was more showered towards the art of driving and those monster vehicles. I could also sense her sobbing in the confinement of her space, crying for attention. But I hope she understands that, that love was ephemeral and transitory. True love is always long lasting and I know for sure that my love for Netra is nothing short of it.

Love ya always.

Update Update Update....

It's interesting to see how time management skills are most important in this fast paced world today. Just the other day I spoke about this and other aspects of "life" which gives one joy, to one of my friends. There were a couple of reasons for doing it. Firstly it helped him. And secondly it helped me too.
It compelled me to think about my days and how they were passing by so soon. I often wonder, did I really do something worthwhile today? Did I really work? Then I try to comfort myself by saying that I did think about a few things, I spoke to a few people about those few things (read chat), and then I did further research (read internet surfing) about those few things, typed out a few mails trying to connect one idea with the other.
Come to think of it, there are a few things that I stopped doing or don't do as frequently.
My Flickr activity is on an all time low. One way that is good, as I am able to devote time, energy and effort onto somethings more important.
Reading has caught pace again. Missing out on watching the movies though. I should do that as much as possible.
Writing up is on an all time high. Just trying to re-consolidate what I have read in the class readings and also other books helps in remembering them.

With the decision to go back to India after my masters, things have suddenly heaten up! I feel ideas playing a fast paced game in my mind. One moment I am on this idea, the other moment I am on the other. But overall the ideas seem to be focusing around a few things. I am in this phase where the mind is flooded. I need to do a mind dump some day soon. That would lead to making those connections better. I did one for my thesis project. I should do that for the other things too.

09 November, 2008

Yes we can...

Our own version of Yes We Can!

I find this post amusing, as well as thought provoking.

Of all things the American election this year, one big things that has happened is that it has instilled the hope. The power to dream again.
The desire that nothing is impossible. That extraordinary people are also ordinary at some point of time.

Thank you My Obama for that.

08 November, 2008


Why is there so uneven distribution of wealth?
Why is the general assumption amongst people that people are generally corrupt?

I wonder.

06 November, 2008

Barack Obama - Acceptance Speech

Absolutely wonderful.
Truly Inspiring.

05 November, 2008

Watching history being created....

Barack Obama becomes 44th president of the USA.
More interestingly, first black president.

Many Congratulations Barack. !
That was an awesome acceptance speech.

03 November, 2008

People ... and their thoughts....

If you say too much to the person you love... people think you are being over protective.
If you do not say .. people think you are not being loving.
If you are too close to a person of the same sex, people think you are gay.
If you talk too much to people from other sex, people think you are a pervert.
If you talk a lot about yourself, people think you are a narcissist.

People I tell you... always...have some weird thoughts!
Why can't they just live their own lives and let others live in peace with their own lives.

But that's not possible.
Gossiping is basic human nature and it cannot be changed. If it did, there would be no scandals. no page 3, no masala!

Guess one has to live by it.

02 November, 2008

If ..

...I have the money...
I would buy a SUV someday :)

Drove around one today and fell in love with it!

But ya .. this is in line after the racing and cruiser bikes.

I know I am dreaming!
But who said its a crime to dream?

Aren't they the stepping stones to reality?