15 June, 2013

The fourteenth day of June 2013

There are certain days that you want to mark for eternity.
Those are the days when you life turns upside down.
Where you get a news that changes your life forever.
For the good this time.

I gave it a day for the news to really set in. The whole of the 14th June, the mind has been in a constant state of anxiety. Unable to concentrate and the piling work load did no good to really ease the situation.

I believe it is true. I believe it with a large grin on my face. A moment of celebration perhaps. Or just a friendly reminder that life goes on, no matter what.

These moments in life are important. It gives you a chance to rectify all that is wrong. All that needs to be changed to ensure that the days following this day are meaningful will be done, and that you realize your worth in a larger context. The family, the immediate ones and the far-relations. You cannot please all. But you know the ones who matter and will be with you in the moment of joys.

Thank you 14th of June.