25 February, 2011

Life is good when..

.. you meet people who can inspire you!
I have been fortunate to meet a few of them during my talks and presentations.

Keep inspiring!

20 February, 2011

Moving on .. No not yet.

The meaning of things take a different turn when the situations change.
What was pleasant a while ago, may not be the same after a certain point of time, because things change. This change is governed by multiple factors and events that happen in one's life.  At the end of it all, however the question that remains to be answered is whether the soul is happy doing a thing or not. 

Of late I have been doing a lot of introspection about things that have happened in the past and the state of those things. One of the things that I have been talking to myself about is the reasons why I started Deskala. 

Amongst the reasons, here are some of those points. 
  1. Passion to do something for India - One
  2. To spread awareness about Design in India
  3. To do socially relevant projects in the contexts of Design for Social Impact - a topic that was the core of my Masters Thesis project back at Indiana Univ.
  4. To have an entity of my own where I am the boss and get to spend time on Photography and Design - This entity could be as an individual or as an organization.
  5. To travel and have projects that would require travel so that I can travel across the country India and perhaps the world.
  6. To take a lot of pictures and make documentaries along the way while traveling.
  7. To be happy doing what I am doing.
During the course of my introspection, I try to find an answer to these above mentioned points and how am I doing it with respect to the company. One would then ask, so what is the status of things now. Are there reasons still valid with the set of changes that have undergone.
Each of the above mentioned points require a separate blog post and I think I will do just that over the next few weeks. It will help me connect with myself better and help me reach that state of peace that is so eluding.