15 April, 2008

A quote

...that I heard from an Entrepreneur today..
"Life is not worth living if you are not enjoying what you are doing!"

Bingo! Well said!
So true!

09 April, 2008

Loving it

One thing that i have always or most of the times tried to do when i am low is to do something that i really enjoy doing. It rejuvinates me.. and i gain my self back..

Today I cooked the best aloo matar ki sabji with roti..
Yesterday cooked Pav Bhaji
and before that Rajma..

seem to be a valuable asset and I am enjoying doing it.
Hopefully would explore newer dishes over the summer

Assuming things..

We as human beings are so good at assuming things...

everytime some goes wrong..we assume things..
everytime something starts going right.. we assume things...

I do it all the time..
only that in my case its the negative assumptions that overpower...
everytime i have i misunderstanding with a friend over something,
I feel that i am wrong.. and that my friend will not talk to me for days.. or may be ever...

everytime a friend does not talk to me.. i feel i was bugging them too much and hence they are neglecting me..
everytime a friend writes something somewhere... i feel they are writing something about me..

Its these assumptions that bother me.. and i hate it when it affects me.