09 September, 2011

Ay Samay

Monsoon West Coast and me

मुठ्ठी  में  रेत  सा  लगता  क्यूँ  है 
ऐ  समय 
तू  आगे  ही  आगे निकलता  क्यूँ है |

बस  एक  कदम  आगे
हाथ  के  पहुँच  से  बाहर 
हमेशा  नजर  के  सामने 
ऐ समय
तू आगे ही आगे निकलता क्यूँ है| 

ऐ समय
जरा  ये  तो  बता 
तेरा  रूप  इतना  क्यूँ मनचला 

कल  तो मुझे  दुनिया  तू  कुछ  और  था  दिखता 
आज  कुछ नए  सपने  बनता 
क्या  तुझे  किसी  ने नहीं  बताया 
टूटे  सपनो  का  दुःख 
और अगर  है बताया तो तू
क्या इतना निरदयी  है
इतना निर्मोही 
की  आज भी  आँखों  में नए सपने है डालता 
क्या तुझे मेरे  आंसुओं  में
पुराने  टूटे सपनो का दर्द  नहीं दीखता 

रुक  तो
जरा बात  तो सुन 

ऐ समय
तू आगे ही आगे निकलता क्यूँ है|

-Composed by a dear friend Sunil Kumar Singh.

05 September, 2011

I want to break free

I mean it. I literally want to! but let's keep the details for that for another post.

Here's a video that I am sure a lot of us have grown up listening to.

While I wish my beloved teacher's a Very Happy Teacher's Day, I would also wish Freddie Mercury a very Happy Birthday.

And not to forget the most dearest friend Shivam, a very Happy Birthday too. May you get what you wish for dude! Always. 

01 September, 2011

What I am doings these days..

There has been many ups and downs.
Some triggered by the comment of near and dear ones, and some by actions that speak a lot more than words. In the end all these things help you grow as a person and also take decisions.

Work wise, things are pretty normal at office, and I am doing my share of other exciting work in the fields of Design Strategy, Design for social Impact. I have been helping out with the design of a few Bihar related ventures. I did the logos for Bihar Entrepreneurs Association, Bihar Days and have also been helping out with the design of the portals. It's my small way of being connected to Bihar. Wherever I get a chance, I get to discuss and share my thoughts on the Child Education project too.

I love clicking kids

Photography wise, I have been more involved in the running of the Bangalore chapter of Open Show and re-started posting on my flickr account and my PhotoBlog

Eid Mubarak

I restarted my talks, and have a couple more lined up. Recently spoke at the STC UX conference, and I have a couple lined up this month and the month after that.

Overall many things keeping me busy.