29 January, 2011

Some people are just not worth it ... just Let it go.

No matter how much of an effort you put in.
Best is to just ignore and move on.

Here's a song I have been listening to almost daily!

27 January, 2011

Can I have a longer day please?

I often wonder about this. And as much as I know that it is not a possibility, I still hope that one day it shall be possible.

Things looking super busy at the office and with that there is the now 2 month old marriage to take care of. Amongst this there is the month of travels coming up in February.

At Deskala, I have been doing things I had never done before, like Recruitment, interviewing people to join us and also generating Employee offer letters! Social media marketing which somehow only I believe in at the company, is therefore sole-ly on my shoulders. I like doing it, because it keeps me updated with my field and I try to ensure that the links are shared through our Twitter channel and Facebook pages.

Amidst all these, I have been asked to write up a few articles for publications and thats something that I need to spend some dedicated time on.

Phew thats a lot to do, and the time so less. Somehow managing to take the time out to sit over chai and discuss things that does not fall in the above bucket.

 Tea Lovers

I so sincerely wish that the days were much longer.

04 January, 2011

The year that was...

So another year comes to an end, and this is the customary year end post. Has been a year of highs and lows personally indeed. There have been laughs and cries both aplenty.

Amongst the other things that happened, I got married.  I guess thats a mixed bag. So far so good, is the phrase that comes to my mind when someone asks me hows it going.

I voted for the first time, and felt glad that the person I voted for, won the elections. What made it more sweet was the fact that he was able to attend my wedding.

Met a few friends after a long gap. Some after 13-14 years! And our talks would never end! Its amazing when you connect with friends after such a long time. The memories come alive and it does not look at all like so much time has passed. We discussed the bunking of classes, the pathetic hostel food, the teachers who taught us to lead, the games we played, the adventures we had etc.

Oh and on the travel front, I traveled more and more and covered, Rajasthan a bit, Pondicherry and more of Sikkim. I further explored other parts of Bihar (the central districts), just to see the changes evident on the development front. Seeing is believing they say. In Sikkim, we went close to the Nathula pass there. The lifestyle of people at both these places, namely small townships in Sikkim and rural Bihar, fascinated me. I think thats the matter of another post.

2000-2010 has been an interesting decade, where I explored not only parts of the world, but also India a lot. Infact towards the end of 2010, I also explored Bihar a lot.

The coming years definitely promises to be a lot more challenging, with me and my partners trying to expand the business, Deskala that we started. Need to establish the photography business and also the social enterprise that I had initially set up.

Time as they say is always short, and the efforts are on. :)