08 March, 2009

People are weird

Aren't they?
I think everyone is weird in some way or the other.

You like someone because they are weird.
You dislike someone because they are weird and some of their weirdness does not amuse you.

Someone said the other day, if not for the weirdness, the world would be a very boring place.
Agree completely to that.

A few days ago I would have had the word unique in place of weird. But of late have had a few weird experiences with weird people doing weird things.
I am not saying that they were all bad.

One weird thing that I totally dislike is people who adopt double standards. In other words one can call it hypocrisy. It's one thing I cannot stand at all. People tell something in front of you, and then at the back if situations change, they change their stance.
It is frustrating too!


I am said...

:( you bet. Hope you don't meet them quite often. It IS frustrating.

Iya said...

i think weird is a diplomatic way of saying, "you are unacceptable" :P

Paavani said...

And being weird is also not easy. See, there is good weird, bad or interesting kinda. So man types and how to fit into it is not that easy.
Might be all this weirdness create doubt/ confusion. So people change their statements and become double standard weird :)


~mE said...

i dont know what happend to my comment..did u delete ?

Kshitiz Anand said...

hmmm..True Tanu.

:)interesting point of view Iya.

Very true Paavani..

No not all.. i did not delete anything Sharanya... u can always re-write!