14 October, 2010

Following your dream

Everytime I come across someone who has given up the luxury of a well laid out life to follow their dreams and built things from scratch, I salute them.

Recently a friend of mine, quit her job to start something she has always dreamt of and is truly passionate about. Agree that there are bound to be obstacles and hurdles that would attempt to make the journey a lot difficult, but then no one ever said that the task of fulfilling the dream is going to be an easy one.

Having been in that similar position a year ago, I can imagine what she is going through. In-spite of the areas being different, the basics of entrepreneurship remain the same and its applicable to all.

I wish her all the very best, and I know for a fact that I will always be there to support her in this venture of hers.



Jas B said...

Best of luck to her! :)
I salute her as well.

Struggling entrepreneur :P said...

How sweet!!! :)
Thank you, Ksh. This is so encouraging :)
I hope you remember that you helped me take 'the' first step :)
Thank you for everything..esp for your constant support & encouragment :)

Jas: :) Thanks for being there, my behna. I love you :)