01 March, 2011

Karm kar, fal ki chinta mat kar..

So says the Bhagvad Gita. Life is like a journey and at times one just needs to keep moving ahead without getting distracted by the paths left behind.

It is one thing that I have just been following it for the past few days and feel at peace. I realize that its pointless to waste energy in some things which are just not worth the effort.

My TEDxMANITBhopal talk went off really well and I am glad that I was able to interest and inspire more people there. Met a few other really interesting people there and realize with more conviction that there is so much to do, and so less time!

Which brings me to my next thought that is been conflicting in my mind. How do you let go of something (someone) you love so dearly? I know that many would ask, whether it is absolutely necessary to let go of that thing in the first place.

Well that can be debated! :)

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Hashvardhan Gaur said...

"karam kar fal ki chinta mat kar".It is the greatest quote i have ever heard..and has a great deep meaning.
Talking about student life..the student thinks that whether he will pass or not...or whether he will be able to face the competetion..these situations creates fear in one's mind..and the person,before starting or trying is defeated...the quote shows the right path in this kind of situation...that is just concentrating on the work instead of the result..so the fear or so called pressure just vanishes..

I just wrote what i knew...u might agree or might not agree with my statement...carry on with replies..

and Kshitiz in your second last paragraph..that someone is in terms of what...??