06 April, 2011

Let the burden off your shoulders.. and have a bit fun

Often there seems to be so much that we are carrying, that in the thick of things, we miss out on a few basic necessities of life.

One of them is the basic concept of having fun. Often we stop having fun in the context of being sad for an incident that had a huge impact emotionally.

I recently let go of something that I loved so dearly. More than anything else in the world and had put in my everything to see it succeed. But then I had to let go it it. I am sure there would be many memories associated with it. And the memories cannot be deleted.. but that should not stop one from moving on .. and having fun.

Secondly it is staying in touch with people who actually matter the most and would be there with you through every hardships.

Thirdly is to smile back at people. The power of a smile is much more than you can imagine.

Fourth is to be around and with people who admire you for what you are and appreciate you that way.

Fifth is to see and read things that please us.

Just saw this inspiring video that simply amazed me!  Enjoy!

1 comment:

Jas B said...

Sometimes things run their course, and one has to step out.
:) Smiles are powerful indeed.

Awestruck with this video! Thanks for sharing.