24 September, 2013

Welcoming the 33rd year

I have a feeling that this year is going to be special in many ways. 
I reflect back on the year that passed by and am thankful for all the opportunities that I had during that time to passionately follow the things I love doing. From managing to administrating to teaching to consulting and last but not the least, traveling. The past year had all of it. 

A new year in the life cycle is a good time to reflect back on multiple fronts. 
Questions pop up in the mind. 
Did I grow as a human being? 
Was I good enough as a person?
Did I do enough to make amends for the mistakes I may have committed during that time?

There are always questions and more questions. To some we find an answer, and some are best left unanswered. 

This 33rd year of the life has started on a great note and I could not have asked for better. 

I got selected to a part of 2013 Jagriti Yatra as a facilitator! I get to mentor, travel on a train across India, meet some totally inspiring people and inspire more passionate youth on entrepreneurship! I am glad how dots are connecting! The inspiration to passionately follow what you believe in just went a few notches higher. I feel that the event is 

Jagriti Yatra is a nationwide annual train journey to promote the vision“Building India through enterprise”. It takes 450 highly motivated and carefully selected (national and international) candidates on a fifteen-day national odyssey, introducing them to the unsung heroes of India. The aim is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit – both social and economic by exposing the youth to individuals and institutions that are developing unique solutions to India’s developmental challenges.

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