28 November, 2013

Things that disturb you...

There has been a lot of things going on in India that is disturbing. Some are highlighted in the media to the death, and some remain unknown. But perhaps it does not disturb me so much because they are behind a screen still.

As I prepare to become a parent, there are two incidents of the recent past that left me shell shocked and I did not have nay words to say.

One was when a parent said that my kid is so naughty and a spoilt child that if someone want to take her (almost 12 years), I would give her away!
Second was when a child who is on the verge of completion of the graduate study, says that I am just waiting for the day when I graduate, as I will cut off all ties from my parents that day.

I was speechless the moment I heard the above. It is something I can never even imagine, and I often wonder how could they have come to this situation. It has disturbed me from within and I have no answers . In the later case, the child was asking for help, but I was helpless. How do I react to such a situation ?

Hard are the ways of the world sometimes.

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