30 March, 2008

A fact

From a friend's blog..

it goes something like this
I don't have time to get angry with people, life is short and there is so much to do and achieve.
How true !!! I think its true with every other emotion...why waste time when its not working :-)

I replied back stating that though this may be true for a lot of things.. there are a few emotions that require a lot of patience.. and love is one of that.. I could go on and write for pages about love.. but i am not going to do that.

and in another post another friend wrote that men don't show emotions.... well.. not really ... I cannot buy that . generalizing it to the entire men clan is not right... I agree that while we men are a bit careful about showing emotions.. its not that we do not have emotions.. we do .. its just that we don't show it so often.. and thats the way it is going to be for long.


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