09 August, 2008

Being with you..

"Can I play with you? Can I spend some time with you?"
He asked her jovially. She kept quiet. She seemed a bit apprehensive about it. Something at the back of her mind was not letting her do it. Her eyes however said something else. You could make out that at the way she was looking at him.
Can I play with you?

Not fearing the outcome she somehow gathered the courage and approached him. She had wanted to know him better. She had spotted him in the crowd. The aura around him had impressed her.

"Glad to have you with me", he said. "I am sure we will have a good time together." She wanted to know him more. And spend moments of laughter and joy together. He and his sister were excited about it too. Their joy knew no bounds. But there was something else in store.

"Please don't take her away." He pleaded. Her dad had other plans. He was not amused at his daughter playing with the guy and his sister. He could not let his daughter go and play or enjoy with a person from a different clan.

Perhaps the father did not intend to do what he did. Netra and me had a completely different interpretation of this entire act. I am sure many would understand it. Its a small analogy to the thousand of couple stories back home. Perhaps would be mine too someday.

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