05 August, 2008

One Two Three...Jump

There are many a times that you will not do things with people you love.
You do it alone.
It's moments like these that makes life interesting.
People call me crazy. Some say I am daring.
In the end. It's just me. I am what I am.

Here I was .. harnessed up waiting to go 14500 ft above the earth in a charter plane...
Waiting to do what ?

JUMP of course! What else!!

The moment of truth... the binary state. Either you survive... or you don't.

And to make matters worse... just before take off in the interview they ask you..
What are your last words to your friends and family...You say something casually ..

Standing at the doorstep.. my life gave me a super quick flashback. What if the words I said was indeed the last.
Wait.. was i actually doing it? For real ? I must have asked that question a few times in that short duration!

And then i saw my friend jump first. Down he went...

And in the other fraction of a second I was in the air.
Falling at a speed of 120 miles per hour... heading towards the unbounded stretch of corn fields below. The tiled land below was something that one could go on viewing for hours and still not get bored. I missed Netra up there. But then as I have also mentioned before, many a times there are things that just your eyes sees and captures it for eternity.
That moment was one of it.

Something that I cannot recall well whether it was my left foot first, or the right one, or did they actuallty just push me out of the aircraft.
But there I was .. breathing the freshest air...just that the speed made it hard to do so.
All muscles were distorted to a beyond recognition state.... but yes.. it was still me.

At the mercy of the other professional diver whom I was harnessed to ...I failed to pull put the notch to open my parachute.. but thank god that he did it for me.

It was by far the darest thing I have ever done so far. I am sure there will be other things to follow.

I could not take Nikky up there with me. The organizers did not allow me to take anything. I am sure she would have loved the view from above. She definitely is not up for jumping from that height, but still the view itself from above was mind-blowing.

Till the next account,


~mE said...

oh lovely..must have been an experience :)

Chandan said...

these pics are quite good too :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

freaking awesome it was bro !!!

Thanks a ton for figuring everything out :)

hope said...

simply awesome dude ..i am going next week ...inspiration u see !!

Hayath said...

Surely must have been a once in a lifetime experience. Me's turning green with envy :P

Sanka Tandav Krishna said...

Awesome... guy at the back must have had fun.. ;)

Manasa said...

Nice set of pics.. It must have been an unforgettable experience :)

Kshitiz Anand said...

Yes awesome experience indeed Sharanya!

Thanks Chandan!

:) U bet Om Bhai!

Thanks Hope.

Thanks Hayath!

Thanks Tandav... as if you jumped alone :D lol

Thanks Manasa! Unforgettable indeed!