30 December, 2008

...and then she smiled.

...Netra... who else?

Ya indeed... I was happy at that ! Of all the negligence that she has had to face over the past semester, I think she truly deserved a outing to some exotic place. And here I am currently in San Francisco, which is on a close fight with Chicago as my favorite city. However I figured that Netra had been bored of seeing the same cityscapes, the same high rise buildings, the same concrete jungles time and again. So I figured that we should do something different this time.

So Netra, me, and a few other friends took drive on the Pacific Coastal Highway and I think the journey was blessed. The weather was perfect, the skies were of an amazing blue and the waters displayed the gamut of blue never seen before. I could see her smiling with all her might!
Every time she is in such a mode, I just feel I am a different person. The pains within me seem to recede to somewhere unknown and my smiles stay with me as if they have never left me. How I wish that it was like that always.

Oh and did I tell you that she took a few good pictures of me too!

As I said, she makes me feel special. In her company I often feel I can do crazy stuff. I guess its that way with all people in love. In the company of their loved ones, they just feel that extra special. Where the whole world just seems to be saying that you cannot do a thing and that one source of inspiration comes from the one person you love. That motivates. It inspires and gives this extra bit of energy.

This bridge really caught Netra's attention and she was looking at it non stop. I felt a bit jealous at the lack of attention and so I just went and stood in front of her in her view of the bridge! :) I am sure she did not mind me spoiling the composition of the frame.

This past year has been a special year and there have been many ups and downs. However, Netra has been with me through thick and thin, rain and sunshine, ice and snow. We have traveled around the world.

We have spread the smiles together, we have taken good care of each other.
We have met a lot of good people and we have also met a lot more interesting people.
We have got in touch with a lot of people and many have become fans of mine and Netra's visions.

It's with this love and adulation that we seek out for the new year, in the hope that we continue to show the world through our eyes. I have got mails and notes from people from different corners of the world saying how much they loved the pictures that we have created. I guess this is true of anything that is done with extreme love and compassion. Both for the team you are working in and also the artifact that is being worked upon. What results is not a product, but an extension of the love. And I guess the photographs that me and Netra create are the extensions of our love for each other.

If Netra could read this, I am sure she would be really happy.

God Bless.


I am said...

1. :) am sure Netra has read it :)
2. I think she is a better photographer than you :)
3. And I loved u r crazy jumping picture thanks to Netra, pass on my love to her tooooo.. she is the best :)
4. am glad u choose not to visit the Cemented jungle :)

and with that have a great year, enjoy life and moments with Netra and others too :)
take care

Happy new year - tanu

iya said...

Hmmm... I wish Netra could read this too. Nice pictures

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

you made me read this...cuz it went on becoming more and more interesting.. Now you gotta tell me who is netra?? just curious..:)