19 December, 2008

The last lap

Been off blogging lately... as I was busy with the semester..
But now thats over.. and I am back.... and officially free.

Some time off and then I enter the last lap which is the last semester.
Pretty excited about that :)

Which incidentally is the last semester of my graduate studies.
At the moment this looks like this is going to be the last semester of academic life as a student.
Been quite a while since I started as a student some 21 years ago. But then they say that the student in a person never dies. Every day is a day of learning.

It's really gone cold here in Bloomington. Temperatures of -4C to -8C is normal.
But I fly off to SFO soon and that would be warm.

Looking forward to the break.

1 comment:

I am said...

do not advertise your break and holiday please !!!

since others are working and have targets to finish as well !!


on a lighter note can't wait to finish my last lap of 'permanent studenthood' :) after "PPEP" "PEEP" years :)