04 February, 2009

Trackless Wanderings

Why does the mind wander along tracks that lead to a confusion?
Why can't it just stick onto one path and concentrate fully on that?

Gosh ... I sometimes wish I did not try to stand out of the rat race and do everything that everyone else does. But then that's very unlike me and even though writing it is easy, I know myself that I will not do it.

I will still think about weird things...and try out these random probabilities that suddenly all the stars will align themselves together in exactly the way that I have envisioned.
I will still dream of the impossible... that someday there will be this big break ... and things will fall in place.. I will hence always end up in this situation where my anxiety level is high... and I will end up not doing anything, as my thoughts will be playing kabaddi and moving from one court to the other ... running after one thought or the other..

The thoughts lead to ideas.. ideas look for commitments for a fulfillment and a planning to execute. I don't know if it is right or wrong, but the moment I think about any idea, I think that it will succeed and bring in a revolution.

Maybe that is being optimistically foolish... but then hey.. atleast I think !
I try to console myself by saying that there is nothing wrong in thinking.... I just hope that there is a way to put those thoughts into actions.

Why am I like this?
I guess I am just weird!


I am said...

No u r not the only one..........

I am there too.. playing kabbadii, kho kho with my thought..

Losing focus !!!

And believing all shall fall in place some day.........

and...Yah, I am who I am.. !!!

Abhikalp said...

:) nope you are not weird, because I am not :P

complexity = life, if you know answer to everything, then you would be sitting in Himalaya and meditating or have attained enlightenment.

You should feel lucky that you are not part of the rat race, because i am telling you with my personal experience ...it sucks :)... big time

Iya said...

Hmm.. you are not being optimistically foolish by any means. You are way better than people who do not even dare to dream.

I grew up with a saying , "I think and therefore I am". We are what our thinking is. So based on your post, this is what can be said about you- You are a visionary , an enthusiast, a revolutionary and you want action in life. Is that being foolish ? Ofcourse not.

Thinking helps! Just ensure you take action... another quote I grew up with -"Vision without action is Hallucination." So keep thinking !

~mE said...

Lol yes u are weird :) Like me and Like everyone else :))

Kshitiz Anand said...

hehe... Ya.. something like that Tanu!

Abhi.. nice analogy of life with complexity! Kabhi will go to Himalayas definitely!

Thanks Iya!

Sharanya .. :) thanks!