23 February, 2009

Trip to Trichy - part 2

The flight was around 80-90% full. This definitely had to be one of the best economy class travels that I had ever done. The flight cruised at an altitude of 38,000 feet and people were done with their dinners. A sumptuous meal, accompanied by some nice music, was a perfect dinner on a travel. It was meant to be a way to fill the stomach so that the passengers could have a sound sleep in the 15 hour long flight.

Netra lay in her seat. She was at quite a distance from me. Her cabin looked to be warmer than mine. In the josh of going to India, I had put my jacket in the suitcase. The temperature in the flight was optimum but I was still feeling cold. Being from the Midwest, it was highly unlikely of me to do so. The immediate seat beside me was unoccupied, so I had the good fortune of taking the blanket allocated for that passenger. I worried if Netra felt the same. She was wrapped around in well-padded jacket, which I had bought for her just the week ago. Netra’s warmth combined with that of the jacket’s must have been good.

It must have been the distance between us. Yes I am sure it was. Her not being close enough to me was sufficient to give sleepless nights. I guess that is the way with all people in love with someone. The very fact that someone you love so fondly is sitting or staying or gone far from you sends shivers down the spine. It is perhaps the most when you know that you can see her, but you cannot be with her. You can talk with your eyes, but not with words. The separation results in a cold situation. It often leads to a depressive thought. But this was not going to be the case. I was going to India. The depression could come no where near. So there was this paradoxical situation that I was going through. On one end you have the joy of going to place you love, and on the other end your loved one is not close to you to share the joy. Do you get selfish, and still enjoy the joy? Or do you get melancholy in her absence and not enjoy the moment.

The light on the end of the left wing of the wing, shone like the Venus. For an instance I did think of it as the guiding star and what not, but slowly the thoughts kept coming back to Netra.
Was she thinking of me too? Was she equally excited to be going to India, just like me? Was she going to make a fuss of the surroundings? The dust, the heat, the crowded trains, the smell of the markets that struck you so hard that it lingered in your senses even after you have left it. The immense faith the people have in their gods.
Only time was to tell.

It had been just a couple of hours since take off.

To be continued.


Iya said...

TOOOO much suspense.. waiting for part-3 now

Sharanya said...

y do Indians go to US for a while come back and worry abt dust, heat, peple?