24 April, 2009

Can you change yourself?

I came across this really short but thought provoking post at Shekar Kapur's blog.
He mentions that you can change the world, but can you change yourself?

I think that's a very loaded question. But even before that I think its worth asking, do you even know yourself properly before deciding to change yourself? So many people live in this state of false assurance that they know themselves. Many I have known do not end up knowing themselves the whole life and some do so very late in life.

Millions just go through their entire lifetime without any particular knowledge of what they want. Other million will go through without even daring to find a proper answer to what they are. And the rest millions will go through their entire life just with the flow and taking things as life presents itself.

Often I wonder if thats right or wrong. Perhaps it depends on the situations that life puts one in.

Anyway, So have you asked yourself this question?
' Who am I? '

If you have a concrete answer to that, will you be willing to change what you are depending on the situation?


Rhapsody said...

Very interesting and thought provoking post, Kshitiz.

In fact, some similar thoughts trigged a post titled 'Who am I' on my blog a few weeks back :)

Rhapsody said...


~ ॐ ~ said...

bhai kaahe ko friday ko bolta hai aisee cheezein !!!

weekends should be spend doing better things :)

a said...

can we ever know who we are...

are we the body??

are we thoughts?...emotions??...

if the mind is the computer??...who is the computer user??.....is the user and the computer user the same?

i find some answers in this...sharing it with you...

"I AM not the Body.

I AM not the Emotion,

I AM not the Thought,

I AM not the Mind,

The mind is only a subtle instrument of the Soul.

I AM the Soul.

I am a Spiritual Being of

Divine Intelligence,

Divine Love,

Divine Power,

I AM one with my Higher Soul;


I AM one with the

Divine Spark within me,

I AM connected with God.

I AM one with God.

I AM one with All."

— Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

and since "i" am one with god...i work at changing myself to be worthy of that entitelment...it is hard work....on a good day i even succeed :)

a said...

oops...i just realised that i dont even exist :P

am in the process of gaining a new blogger id....

till then the above commetn and the one on the previous post is i, jyoti :))

oh and above i meant to say...is the computer....and the computer user the same??

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Swati. I did read your that post some time back.

Om Bhai.. koi na .. :)

Thanks once again for that thought provoking comment Jyoti! (the new identity Jyoti)