13 April, 2009

Notes to myself

I read a few posts from Shekhar Kapur's Blog Truly inspiring. While I feel happy on reading them, I feel that somewhere something went wrong for me. I used to do almost all the things that he writes about. I was a progandist of those very same things. However, something went wrong.

I see that I have been posting very less.
Things have been frenzy. Have been busy with loads of things. Anxiety level is on a high. Been on the move quite a bit. Traveling. Almost everymonth I have traveled. Met loads of interesting people. Discussed loads of exciting possibilities.

However lately there has been loads of feelings. Feelings of nervousness, tension, eagerness. passion, attachment all floating around. Some looking at drowning the soul in a sea full of monstrous creatures, some promising to liberate the soul from its dungeons.

However nothing is lost.
It is never too late to reclaim, just like its never too late to learn.

Note to myself:
I will be back to being myself. Sorry for the distractions.


~ ॐ ~ said...

take care bro !

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Bro ..

Stephen Baird said...

i am happy for you. I have gotten off track many times. Your photos are very good. Keep at it.