18 May, 2009

There are two kind of people...

...in this world.. I tell you my friend.
Two | Lalbagh Flower Show

One is the optimist and the other is the pessimist. Well of course you know that.

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true. I often wonder there are zillions who live in the later state. And that is the state of fear.

I tell you there are two kinds of people in this world.
One who talks and not act and the other who let their actions talk. As a result of this, the one who talks will always try to find faults in the actions done by the people who act.

There are two kinds of people in this world.
One who believes in themselves and one who just doubts everything they do. One who gathers confidence out of everything they do who believes that failures are the pillars of success and that failures do not deter them. The other kind lives in a state of fear and hence does not try out the various things and would just talk.

In this world there are two kind of people.
One who thinks that if they if they believe passionately in something and they dream when they see the stars. They are the ones who believe that the stars will align in some way that their dreams will be fulfilled. The others will not sleep and dream and will stare at the same stars and fear it falling.

Then there are two kinds of people in this world.
One who finds the best in what they have and gain immense happiness out of that. Then there is the other who will crib in any situation and never be satisfied and understand the value of the situation they are in.

Over the past few days, I have spoken to a few people of both of these kinds. Thankfully the list has been of more of the optimist kind


Iya said...

Loved every bit of this.. So true and simply stated. Good to see you back on the blogging scene.. some more good content to read :)

~mE said...

according to me there are MANY kinds of people..People are so complex that you cannot narrow to two kinds :)

nice pic can i have a print resolution pls

I am said...

You BET :)

and I totally agree inspite of the complexity and diversity, there are basically ONLY two sides of a COIN -

P or O

:) loved this post..and glad that you have more O than P.. i personally make sure to have for of O's in my bad than P... else I get bogged down by the P's !!

a said...

oh so totally agree with you...socialisation and karma...make a man/woman...view the glass half empty of half full....

...love the way you have written the post!!

but the good thing is...one can always use ones free will and change from being one kind to the other, no??


Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Iya.
I am glad you liked it. I definitely will try to update more.

Hmm Sharanya . interesting point.. but I still believe at the end it all boils down to a yes or a no. A binary state.

Thanks Tanu.

Thanks Jyoti .. Yes agree.. but unfortunately a lot if not all want to take that step of changing to the O's from the P's. I guess they are just too used to being in the other state. I am perhaps not the right person to comment whether being a P is bad, but I just feel that O is better.