29 May, 2009

Hot Hotter Hottest

I do not like to crib. And this post should not be taken in any such way. However at times it will appear that I am doing so.

I have spent around a little more than a week here in Delhi now. This also means that I have spent that same time in India now after moving back. Delhi has to be one of the most happening cities. There is just so much to do! There are so many places to go to! And there is so much construction happening everywhere! I am sure my weight has gone up due to the excess eating and inhaling of the dust from the constructions! It's literally everywhere! But the constructions give hope. Hopes of a better transport system. You can see the potential of it in the areas where the Metro runs presently.

On my way to Janakpuri from Lajpat Nagar, I started to talk with the Auto driver. He had some interesting stories to tell. One of them being, that how people shout at him, if he requests he has to fill the gas in his vehicle, and that they are getting late. But the same people would also ask the auto walaah to stop as they get something from a store. Where is the getting late in that situation! Which brought me to the thought, why are people running so much. Everywhere one sees, people are running for something or the other.

Everyone is a part of some race. A race to earn more, a race to outshine the other. Where does the self satisfaction come then? Where is the philosophy of doing things that you love doing? Where is the reason to keep the soul happy?

Often people ask me, what is the job that is lined up for me? What is my salary here in India, now that I have a degree from the US. I am out of answers. I have to say nothing or no or in the negaticve for all of it, as that is a fact at present.

I still try to find a lot more answers and am utilizing this break to do the same.


I am said...

hmmm I really wanted to pull your leg, by saying 'Kshitizwa IS cribbing' !

But did not really come across such a flavor, hence keeping it for future.. :)

Now as far the RACE goes, I think its everywhere - Did you forget the busy metro of NY or Boston or even Indiana or Bay Area?

Everybody is running and the RACE is ON you may choose to see or un-see it. Even YOU are part of the RACE.

Now to the 2nd part of the RACE - 'self satisfaction'?

What makes you think there is no self satisfaction in it? What makes you think people are not happy doing what they are doing or they are not nurturing their soul?

I went through the same analysis a few years back. And I came to the conclusion that everybody's definition of self satisfaction, happiness and soul is different. We tend to think specially me, used to think that my definition is the ONLY definition. And I was SO WRONG. What am going to write is an honest confession of what I went through...

When a father races normally to get the best education for his children he feels its worth racing; When the bai finishes all her duties and goes back home with some money she feels she has won a race, When Ratan Tata goes back home after following the fluctuation of the stock price for that day he is happy to see the place where his company IS in the race and what he needs to do for tomorrow..

and thus continues the RACE at our own pace and the respective satisfaction derived from it.. call it RACE, AMBITION, GOAL, PASSION, HOPE or PURE BLISS and SATISFACTION.

One who does not 'RACE' to me is as good as 'DEAD'

On a lighter note ' Race sansoon ki ... ' :)

sorry for the long comment..

Kshitiz Anand said...

hehe .. no cribbing re.. just getting used to things. :) and I know and you also know that I will be one of the last persons who cribs. Yes I will criticize things, I will show my disappointment at things, but crib should not be the word to use for it.

Hmm.. thats an interesting analogy and application of the Race.

I think my period of the analysis is going on and perhaps will be a constant thing to do everyday. And as you truly put it, everyone's definition is different.

Thanks for the long comment. Feels nice.