28 November, 2009

What inspires me the most.. ?

One of the question I keep asking myself is what is it that really inspires me and keeps me going?
And always I end up at the same answer. It's the people. The interesting people that I meet almost everyday. The old ones whom I speak to on a regular basis, the new ones whom I hope to speak on a regular basis.

Recently, I gave a talk at a Design meet, and I met a few really interesting people, who in turn thought that my talk was interesting, and hence I was an interesting person, and hence we should stay in touch. Fair enough. I have realized (actually long time back) that humor and stories are the best way to gather the attention of your audience in the presentations. I have tried to do the same.

Invariably at the different workshops at the colleges that I have conducted, I have met people of different kinds. Some are people who are more interested in knowing about the Indian Culture, which I am so proud of. So I go all lengths to tell them the facts, stories and interesting things about India. Then there are people who are interested in knowing about my Design Philosophy, my photography ideas and I go on and on with it.

There never really can be an end to it, but thank god for the time limit that they have. :)
Of late I have been looking more into the integration of design and photography at a level where it can create a social impact. And the images makes the presentations compelling.

So then comes, what do I seek inspiration from them about? Well, everything I must say. I admire them for what they are. For whatever position they are in, and whatever efforts they have taken to get there.

Their stories inspire me :)

On my part, I just try to ensure the most basic of things.
How can I say something that can make them smile.

It's only then that I know that I have been successful.

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