09 November, 2009

Writer's Block...

Or just not feeling to share the state of the whirlpool that my mind is at present.

A zillion things have happened.
Another zillion is on the cards.
A broken relationship.

Ego Clashes.
Hearing out hearts pour it out.
Lost Opportunities.

Self Belief.

Spreading the message of Keep Smiling.
Letting go of things.
Counseling Friends.

Heavy Rains.
Gloomy days.
City Magic.

Little bit of Travel.
Successful participants in a Workshop.
A visit to the Beach.

Lack of work...
Rusted minds...
Need for Sleep.


Rhapsody said...

Strangely, I can relate so much with this post :-/

Sending across lots of smiles, happiness and good wishes to you, my friend :)
Hope you feel better soon. Things will get better..umm..GOOD very soon. Keep the faith :)

~mE said...

haha sounds funny..but ya i hear you
hang in there as swathi said keep faith :)

lightworker said...

another name....for this gamut of experiences and emotions....living..

as kids we can't wait to get all gorwn up and live in the real world....and then when we are there...wearing adult size collars...childhood with its simplicity seems just so attractive...
when we can fill what ever colors we chose in our pictures...no blocks then....

the good news is...when we hit rock bottom...though not sure if this is rock bottom for you...the only place to go is....up....

Kshitiz Anand said...

:) Such is life..
Kabhi hansaye kabhi rulaye.. Just need to make hansaye part last long!

@Sharanya ..
:D yes.. funny indeed ! Life goes on..

Very well put forward. Thanks :)