24 August, 2012

Some life principles I live by ..

1. The most boring word in any language is "I"

2. People are more important than things.

3. Nobody else can make you happy.

4. It's ok to fail.

5. Forgive yourself, your friends and your enemies.

6. Nobody can be successful unless they love their work. Be proud of what you do.

7. Value people as people not as business prospects.

8. Develop a hobby that you can live your life on. 

9. Don't be afraid to show and tell others you love them.

10. Be a kid always. 

11. Spread smiles. Nothing is more satisfying than a genuine smile. 

12. Let go of things.

13. Goals in life will change. But the key is to keep moving.

14. Nothing is impossible if you try.

15. Love today. It's a gift. That's why it is called the present. 

Cheers to life!


Swati said...

what a lovely picture!

Motivational Quotes said...

I always try to help the needy. I made it a principle in my life. So just want to help as many as I can.