01 November, 2012

Facing Death

Facing death. It is a moment that you do not forget for a long time.  Today was one such I day.
Today whole driving In my car,  I was hit by a bus . For an instance i thought this was it.  Perhaps the last few moments of my life.  It was for those few seconds that I was too shocked. Anything could have happened.  I had my life play out in front of me.

While driving I was thinking about the one thing that is dearest to me right now; my wife.  Had she eaten anything ? What should I buy for the evening. Perhaps I will cook dinner today since she will get home late.  Where should we go for our second anniversary etc.

I was to occupied in these thoughts when a bus decided to take a sudden cut and bang into my car. Today the car completes one month and I was also thinking about the pleasant moments I have had with it so far.

Today suddenly I felt scared of death.  I Had not felt the same even while doing stunts liked sky diving.  They say that death is the only thing that is certain . The same thing cannot be said for anything else.  Perhaps if is these moments that make you realistic and realize the value of life.   It makes you appreciated the people you love all the more.  it makes you feel worried about what will happen to them when you are gone.

In an ideal relationship, Unconditional love flows. The kind of love you love without expecting anything in return for it. Though it is very idealistic thing  as there  are bound to be differences. Yet we as humans strive for it.  We run around really hard to ensure that the relationship is not hampered by these differences.

In moments like the one that happened today,  you forget that you expect a similar sense of unconditional love, that is pure.  you just want to live to love.  Where you're only worry is the person you love. 

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