01 November, 2012

On depression

Why do people get depressed? I often am asking myself this question.  There is no right answer to this question .

The most common answer you would get  is that it is due to circumstances. It varies from different person to person.

Depression is often a result of the fear of failure. Failure in relationships, in professional life and at times in the personal life. This again is dependent on the time of this.

Often people go into a delusion that they are not wanted.  The entire world is against them.  Nothing that the person does is appreciated.  With every small allegations and misunderstandings the situation worsens.

How does one deal with it?  Often people resort to smoking and binge drinking or run away to be left alone.  The company of others feels a burden and a state of having to laugh alongside others when one does not want to.

Is it really possible to be one own self when depression hits? Do you still continue to live in  an utopian state of mind or does something change? What is that thing.?

The next point of course is to know whether there is a way out of this state.  And if you do, do you come out as a different person?  Someone who is motivated to not let depression strike again;  or  do you become more vulnerable to it.

There are so many questions. Life is full of these questions. Many to which we do not have an answer.

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