06 June, 2014

Different person

A couple of days ago, my office colleagues mentioned that over the past month or so I appear to be a different person. I wondered why?
It came as a surprise, since I feel that I have been the same, but they refused to believe so. They claimed that I was more friendly and happier in office.

So today morning, I reflected back to think whether that was true or not. I thought of the things I have been doing differently in the past month and whether that could be a reason. If it is then I definitely need to continue doing so.

I started working out regularly. This is not to get muscular or participate in any competitions, but just to remain healthy. The feeling of being drenched in sweat and aching legs up the stairs gives an immense satisfaction. The mind is refreshed considerably.

I reduced my sugar intake drastically! They say that excess sugar in your body makes you feel lethargic and irritated. I put this to test, and feel that it is kind of true. I have a sweet tooth and the sight of the Indian sweets would make me go weak. Resisting that temptation is tougher than I thought it would be.

I started talking to my daughter, even though she just makes some sound when she listens me on the phone. At just 4 months now, I know she perhaps does not understand a word of what I say, but I still do it.  I am hearing her grow up and cannot wait to see her soon.

I took upon this task of finishing off things and trying to procrastinate less. This is perhaps the biggest change I am trying to do, in order to finish things and not leave it pending. It helps me bring back the focus.

This focus is also allowing me to concentrate on tasks that really matter and put the others on lower priority.

All of this is perhaps due to that one book called "The One Thing" that I am reading currently. The last time a book had such a lasting impact on me was "The Secret" and that was a few years back. 

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