10 March, 2015

Change is good ?

A lot has happened in the past eight months since this blog was last updated. Where do I begin ?
Joys and sorrows have been a part of it all.  From weddings to deaths.. from health issues to financial crisis.. from Bangalore to Delhi... from feeling of content to that of suffocation ... from high wave of optimism to the dark dungeons of depression... from anger to laughter.. from moments enjoyed to moments regretted.

There has been everything. They say that change is good and that it would be beneficial in the long run. I want to believe them who say so. When there is a feeling that there is no one to talk to, does writing help. Let me give it a shot I say.

While one may scorn at the things that are not under our control or was destined to happen, one has to take positives out of the things that did bring in a smile into our lives. The one big thing that did happen during these months was the growing up of our daughter. I regret to not have spent as much time as I would want to in seeing her grow up. Even though we do follow the things on the social media and with the aid of technology, we do

On the professional front, there is the whole looking towards doing something more meaningful in life. Maybe this is what some call the midlife crisis. Education seems to be a calling and I enjoy doing it, but still very hesitant on making the complete transition to it. I need to write a couple of books. But that is taxing and time consuming. Entrepreneurship is exciting, but risky business. Amongst all of this, one keeps wondering where and when will one find the time to do things that one is passionate about. Photography? Graphic Design? Remember that once you wanted to become a filmmaker. Did you just mention Social entrepreneurship ? Where is that thing going with the Trust one started? Impact education ? What impact ? How do you measure it ? Can you become a thought leader without doing projects that have driven change? In what capacity ?

As you can see one could go on and on the path of being negative of things all around.. but one has to find a way to get out of that negative thinking.  What should be the driving force? What is the essence ? What is the purpose of life? Why is one not doing any meaningful work ?

One can lecture others on the benefits of taking the plunge, but scared to do it oneself. What's holding one back ? The home loan ? the growing daughter ? or a desire to do a whole lot of 'things' for pleasure. What is there that is not there.. happiness and satisfaction. The critical goal therefore currently should be to ensure how one gets that.

Exposure to different avenues of driving change and networking with different people is good. When do you know that the initiative you are a part of no longer benefits from your association or you fail to see yourself being a part of it in the long run ?  Things are tempting in the first place, especially the low hanging fruits.

Time is precious. I am going onto 34 in a few months time. Soon questions from people will start to haunt more. People would ask whether there is something that you can be truly proud of having done. What will I say I wonder? 

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Shivam Khullar said...

Take a deep breathe. Your daughter alone can give you all the joys that you are seeking from other avenues. Life is long. There is much to be accomplished. But she won't be this small again. If you keep yourself fit mentally and physically - you can jump right back into things where you left them and make the most of the years remaining. Give her time. She deserves it. More than her, you deserve it.