29 July, 2008

It's not about the money, Honey!

"But you know... It's not about the money, Honey!"
I said to Nikky. She however seemed to disagree with me.

She smiled.
She smiled at my foolishness. She smiled at my ignorance.
She smiled at my not being to able to understand the value of money.

And hence began another of our thoughtful conversations.
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I began by asking this to myself and I also ask to others....
How many times have you done a thing without a monetary motive? Or rather how many times in the past have you done a thing that has really pleased you and made you happy. And this could have no consequences. No results. No Gains. You do it just for the sheer joy of doing it. All because it pleases you and you are happy doing it. When was the last time you did it?

Now, there are different kind of people. Some tend to view everything with a business point of view. So any idea you propose to them, you are asked back, What is the business value in this. How will you gain funds for it. etc etc...

Just the other day I was discussing with another friend about having a passion in life. In doing a thing that is apart from your job. Doing a thing that does not require a business plan. A thing that does not worry if you don't get any thing materialistic out of it. A thing for which you dont feel bad if you spent a few hours on it and still don't benefit from it. I am sure that everyone has something or the other like this.
Many do not realise what is, and many others do not want to accept what they like.

After all this ramblings, Nikky and me came to some agreement.
In the end I guess it not ALWAYS about the money. There are certain phases in everyone's life when Money is everything. Their world revolves around it. But then not always. What more money is required that being able to have a shelter and a fill stomach. Ideally that should be the case. But I know it is not.

I click not for monetary gains, but for the sheer joy of it. If something comes along the way, its welcome.
When that happens I get some new glasses and other accessories for Nikky. And I know that she will be happy about it. And as a result of it, I will be happy.


Paavani said...

And from where that sheer joy comes?

True money is not everything.
But that something has great power. :)


Raj Tipparaju said...


I always ponder what is this money all about? Whoever created this earth/universe didn't create money but all he/she did was create life.

And if money is created by human beings, then why some get to get whatever they want while some have to sleep empty stomach every day....

Anyways, I only wish ur talent gets appraised in this capitalistic economy and u get some monetary benefits so that u can buy good stuff for ur Nikky and keep the relation going for eternity.

And btw, Paavani is soooooo right about the power it has got :-)

Baizil said...
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~ ॐ ~ said...

गुड लक है तेरेको भाई !!!