29 July, 2009

Just when...

I thought I was getting into the mood of things.. I fall flat.
Not that I have never been sick before, but this has to be the worst of them all.
But thanks to some dear friends here.. I am well.. and recovering well.

It is funny on such instances you reflect upon your life the most. The happy days.. the not so happy ones.. the ones that made you smile.. the ones that made you frown. It is also during these periods that you reflect upon people. Ever wondered why you are interested in someone for a while and then all of a sudden you lose interest? Maybe it is the 'I Don't Care' or the 'Go to Hell' attitude. But whatever it is, it allows you to look beyond what's apparent upfront.

I often wonder why people are hypocrites. They say one thing on your face and then do the other behind your back. It is these sects of people that I despise the most. In such cases I just make a note in my mind and simply move on.


I am said...

Oh... ek din mai thi nahi ki tu bimaar :) I bet you missed me :)

and how much I can make you laugh from this side of the screen :)

Anyway jokes apart. It's good to reflect. But jyada reflect maat maar kanhin deflect na ho jaye people interested in you :)

anyway get well soon now.. phir bakkar karenge
take care

~ ॐ ~ said...

hmm.... badi jaldi samajh aa gaya bhai tujhe !!!

upar wala tujhe aise ullu ke patthon se bacha kar rakhe!!! amen!

oh, and I know that "I say I care but I don't give a shit" kind of people... it's not them, its people like us who hang on to false nothings!

Kshitiz Anand said...

:) Hehe.. Ya... will get well soon .. in fact am well now.

Hehe .. like your last paragraph Om. That's so very true.

~mE said...

the last line you said is a big take away ...:) Make a note and simply move on :)

Hope you are better..bangalore weather is prone to illness..Drink good water, eat good food and Take care !

Rhapsody said...

"I just make a note in my mind and simply move on"...hmmm...very well said :-)

Hope you feel better. Take care :)

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Sharanya and Swati.. I have been recovering well. Still a lot of weakness there. Hope to get back to normal soon.

lightworker said...

if it was not for moments such as this ...you would not have had the opportunity of knowing how cared for you are.....by your friends :))

lucky guy you :)

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thats true Jyoti. :)