04 August, 2009

Testing Times....

I am sure everyone goes through this phase in life. So this is definitely not something new to me either. But I realize that every later one a bit tougher than the previous one. May be the experience of having made through the past one reduced the intensity of the ones that I had made through.

These times often happen to come from different sources. More often than not, the sources are either the work or the personal life. And in almost all cases they both tend to intermingle and hence make a mess of things.

Can someone please help me before I go mad?



Iya said...

hhahaa the learner teaches the learned.. Only you can help yourself. and you know that better than many..

I remember someone telling me... when in crisis, remember the good times, and think - they did not last... and hence it is time... this will not last either. :P

Ok enough sentiappa.. crap ! get back on you feet and go grab whatever you are running for !

and oh yeah btw -- who said its gona be easy ;)

Rhapsody said...


Hmm..i agree with Iya. Only YOU can help yourself. You know that already may be just need to be reminded. :)

Yes! we all go though it again and again and every time it just gets tougher :) but then don't you feel like a winner when you fight it and move ahead.

I have been going through a crazy phase. Thought, I'll lose my mental and emotional balance. But thankfully I am back on track. I had to get on the right track...dusra option (pagalkhana jaane wala) kaafi kharab tha hehehe:)

All the best and take care, champ :))

Kshitiz Anand said...

:) Thanks Iya
Thanks Swati :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

kya karen tera bol!

testing time chal raha hai to zara test results dikhao!

UAT kiya kya? uske results dikho.. phir strategize karte with a short term and a long term roadmap and phase gates to ensure we move from one milestone to the other!

Kshitiz Anand said...

Haan Om Bhai... Testing over..
Now got good strategy for the future. And the mantra is work. :)

Iya said...

Om ji aapne to SDLC ka funda laga diya yahan pe.. main bhi aajati hoon roadmaps banane.. wahi karti hoon sara din :P