26 August, 2009


Doubt and apprehension go hand in hand.
With the element of doubt comes apprehensiveness.
It arises out of the absence of talking. When matters are not spoken out and are just presumed based on some unverified facts, apprehensiveness arises.
When people do not understand what you are doing, doubt arises.
When you do not make an effort to explain to them and get things clarified, then doubt arises.
So in order to remove the apprehensiveness, the element of doubt must be removed. And by removed, I mean removed completely.
One of the way of doing this is to let things go.
But letting go of things should not mean that one is in the position of compromise always.

The problem with me is that I trust what people say easily. I tend to see the possibility of a thing happening before I realize it could fail. First realization gives me happiness and the desire to work hard, in order to ensure that it succeeds. The second realization makes me learn something new. And then I move on.

It has often led to problematic situations. I try to avoid the element of doubt. Maybe the times have changed.


Rhapsody said...

Very good. Keep that attitude. It will take you places, dude.
All the best :))

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Swati.