18 September, 2009

Oh the life of an entrepreneur

No other way ...

He: I hear that there are two long weekends coming up.
Me: Really? When?
He: Well one is this weekend and the other is the coming weekend. What plans ya? Where are you going? I know you travel a lot, so where are you going? Tell Tell..

Umm.. first of all tell me .. what day is today .. Friday??? Oh man ! I was thinking that it was Thursday ! And long weekend? Well I do not know what is a weekend.. Long weekend is a far fetched thing.

Welcome to the world of startups and being an entrepreneur. Where everyday is a goal day and there are no practice days.


Rhapsody said...

Please..please...Mat darao:)
Aise to main saari zindagi dusro ke liye hi kaam karti reh jaungi. Apna 'entrepreneur' wala sapna kaise pura karungi? :(

I am said...

:) yuppp.. for sometime u have to forget.. long weekends :)

but all shall pay soon..