27 September, 2009

Stay away from the Cynics

That is precisely the advise that I got when I decided that I am going to be a Design Entrepreneur.

As if being an Entrepreneur was not enough, I wanted to be a Design Entrepreneur. I think that being a design entrepreneur is more challenging as one has to deal with issues of subjectivity in the opinions of the critics. In a tech startup what matters most is whether your idea is working properly or not. In a design startup, the difference in opinions always happen as design is such a subjective field.

And I think that one of the things that every entrepreneur has to face is the cynical people. In other words these are the pessimists. I have already written about them in other posts before, but I still hate it when I meet someone again, inspite of not wanting to run into them. Well you can't help it. They are everywhere. And if that vibes of cynicism comes from your very own home and from your close circle of your friends, there is a huge chance that it will shake you from within. It is not only difficult to gain their confidence without an element of skepticism, but also impossible to have them change their views. In such a situation, you tend to lose the self confidence, and just look for that one person in the world who would stand for you and by you no matter what. A person who can believe in you.

So my advise to others like me who are starting out on their own, please stay away from the cynics.


Iya said...

Are you sure you are not confusing - cynics and critics ? I like critics but not cynics. And sometimes we get confused , or rather biased in deeming someone as a cynic or a critic , based on what suits us more.

something to think about. but then i question this close circle of friends concept. nothing of this sort really exists. it is all fake and make believe. you are better off without these illusions.

Kshitiz Anand said...

Yes.. Iya.. I like critics too.. I am sure I about talking about Cynics..

Being a critic is a part of my profession too .. and I have absolutely no problem with it...Criticism is also about appreciating the effort and seeing the positives in the things.. It's when the critics talk only about the negative and the potential failure of a plan, that one calls them a cynic.

The concept of close friends.. hmm .. thats a nebulous area indeed.. with everyone having their own understanding and clarity.

~ ॐ ~ said...

I believe in you !

Iya said...

i like Om's comment.. makes most sense.. i

I am said...

Ya avoid cynics and keep only us who BELIEVE in you :)