24 September, 2009

People Come and Go ... all for a reason.

The most interesting thing that exists on this planet is the 6 billion plus unique souls. Yes, we the people.

People come into our lives for a reason. And then they leave for a reason too. As they say, everything is planned. Everything has a larger picture in which it is a close fit. And more often than not, we are unable to see this larger picture. But then, seeing this larger is no easy task. One has to be at a position way above the tasks that compose the bigger picture. It's like saying that you cannot appreciate the beauty of the earth, unless you see it from outer space.

So what brings me to this post. This is primarily to pause and reflect on the kinds of people and the interactions that I have been having with them. While there are a few that I dislike, I will not put up anything against them here. And also there will be no naming of anybody, even if it is by changing their names.

There are people you identify with and your frequency matches so well that you are comfortable sharing your thoughts with them. You tend to open up like no other person, and are most comfortable around them. It is indeed surprising that many a times this happens to be a close friend. And more often than not this person is from the different sex. And when things go to a position where you are married to someone else, there is a problem. Having this new person accept the same level of comfort is difficult.

Some people come into your lives, just to make you feel special, and they will do all that it takes to make you feel wanted. And then suddenly, all of a sudden, they are gone. This could happen due to new people coming into respective lives, or due to some misunderstandings that arise due to the increase in feelings for each other. Some relationships are best left at the friendship level to be best understood and appreciated. So once they are gone, there is no trace of what they came for, for what they decided to go.

What do you do in such a case? Fret over their disappearance or be fortunate for what they have done for you ? Could it be an extreme case of letting go. Letting go of the fact that the person is not going to be there around you to make you feel special. Do you fall back to what you were? Or do you stay in that elated position that the presence of the other person put you into. I think it is the later. Anything short of that would do immense injustice to the person who left. It will not be an honest appreciation of the time they spent with you.

The ways of this world are unique. And the people in it make it all the more unique. People come and go ... all for a reason. In most of the cases people fail to understand this reason. If it was so easy to understand it, people would be able to get over relationships faster. There would be lesser amounts of depression and lesser fretting over spilled milk.

I love this above song. everytime I listen to it, I understand that people are unique. And dealing with their uniqueness in its best possible way is what makes life so interesting.


Iya said...

Thats my alll time favorite song too.. I know the lyrics by heart. It is simply the most beautiful way to let go..

I am said...

Irrespective of how much we tell ourselves it all happened for the best, the loss hurts for sometime.

It's best to let it pass through...