13 January, 2010

Connecting the Dots

Recently a friend had put this up in his status message.. "Connecting the dots". I did not ask him why did he put that up.. or what he meant by it. But one thing that it did was make me think of connecting the few dots that are lying on all different planes in my life.

In my case, let us say that the dots are a result of the people that I have met and the interactions that I have with them. I am big believer of the fact that everyone you meet in life, comes to your life for a reason. The reason could be a variety of things. Some could be business, some to make you realize the value of things, some to shower their love, some to just do some harm in some way, which actually is a way to make you realize the things that you are missing out.

So as I said, the people you meet or interact have come into your life for a reason. Quite a few times, the reason is not evident upfront, and one gets to know it only when the person has exited your life for some reason voluntarily or involuntarily.

And when you are staying alone, or have your own company, the mind (yes.. the devil mind..) starts making the connections with these dots. Needless to say these connections often end up in a very complex network, but then that's the mind. It's job it that. No matter how hard you try not to, it still will do. And I think that is a lot to do with staying alone.

If one were to say in lay man's terms it results in is the mind playing kabaddi inside. And more often than not the kabaddi results in a not so pleasant situation. Insomnia, sleepless nights, mindless ramblings, futile waste of time on more futile things.

But in the middle of all this, somewhere there is hope. Hope that the dots would connect perfectly. But in order to know whether you are right or not, the only way one can know that is if you present the story that you build out of those dots, to a person who is a part of that dot network.

So say, I present that story that I have built after hours of contemplation, to one of those dots. What are the likely outcomes. The world laughs you off saying that you are thinking too much .
A part says that you say it all .. get it cleared. Either get a yes or no on the agreement on the story. It will result in the "letting go" of things and help one move on.

Oh, btw, did I mention that this letting go of things is not that simple as it sounds. You may ask, why is that? Well didn't I tell you that the mind is a devil. Even if the heart agrees to let it go, the mind does not so easily.

So if a dot you buried in the past resurfaces due to some circumstances, your great devil mind, decides that let's give another try. And you know what's worse? If that dot resurfacing thing happens from the dot itself and not from you. So basically, you a better story this time .. which will be more acceptable and again have the hope that this time around it will get accepted.

So you have two choices.
Move on without thinking about the past, or give it another try.

I am too caught in the net to find a concrete answer to that and find a solution.


Iya said...

It surprised me that you are talking about giving it a chance ? Really ? And what will that do ? Ruin your self esteem - once again.

It is a viscous trap. People come in your life for a reason. When the reason is fulfilled, or rather purpose is fulfilled, they exit. In retrospect, you both gained something from it. But thats it. Accept that there was no more reason to their presence in your life. And hence they quit. It hurts coz they quit you . But think about all the people you might have quit on - and did not realize.

So there are these people - who come and go , giving more meaning to our lives , help us grow and move on. You should also move on.

Kshitiz Anand said...

Hmm.. interesting comment Iya.
Pondering over it.

I am said...

couple of thoughts..

DOTS always make a line. You need to see it right context and get away from it :) With time, they always do form a line, need not be perfectly straight :)

Why did we meet? I think because we will cover each others wedding :) he he

k, jokes apart I feel we all have a purpose. And things happen or we meet people to achieve that purpose. And hence we keep moving or meeting new people then bring a slight change that was missing and move on :)