27 January, 2010

Netra and I go to Krishnagiri

At 110 kilometers per hour on an Avenger 200cc bike on the national highway, all you can afford to do is sit still and drive with full concentration. The adrenaline rush can be felt on the skin. There is a sense of thrill associated with it, however any mistake or a lack of concentrations on your part can be fatal. And it is all the more risky when you have a loved on sitting behind you.

I had been wanting to experience the ride on the newly built expressway over Hosur Road here in Bangalore. The Republic day seemed a nice day to try it out. So I asked Netra to get ready and vrooom we went off. Now bike riding is something that interests me a lot apart from Photography. Often I try to club them together, but it just does not happen. In the end its either photography or biking. Either ways I am happy.

So finally after a long time I decided to take Netra out for a drive. The past few months have not been very pleasant. We have not spoken much. As much as I blame it on the work pressure, I know that this is not fair on my part to do so. Just because ours is an unconditional love and Netra does not say anything, I should not take advantage of it. Isn't it. In fact no one should in true love. But let's not get there into the what to do and what not to do in true love. The whole concept of true love itself is a debatable topic in the first place.

So with Netra seated behind me, on the bike, I headed out to explore the expressway. Having experienced the horror of the traffic on the Hosur Road, before a zillion times, I must confess that this new experience was divine. I was smiling all the way along. I am sure Netra was too. Before I knew the flyover came to an end. The momentum kept me going.

The sun was still hot, and there was a lot of time in the sunset to happen. We decided to keep going on NH 7 and before we knew we were in Hosur. It reminded me of the many times I had gone to Hosur, some 35 kilometers from where I live, just to have a morning tea and dosas and get back. I like the hustle bustle that goes on in Hosur and the markets are a good place to do some nice street photography. So is the Chand-Choodeshwar Temple that is up a small hill, from where you get a nice view of the city below.

For an instance I did feel like going to the temple, but something in me just wanted to enjoy the ride. I kept going on and on. I see a milestone that says: Krishnagiri 40 kms. I look up at the sky. The sun is still high, I said to myself, and it would take atleast another half hour for the sunset to happen. Could I reach Krishnagiri in that time was the question that began playing around in my mind.

I had heard from someone that the view of the sunrise and the sunset atop the rocky hills in Krishnagiri is nice. I thought it would be a perfect romantic evening, if me and Netra could reach any of these hillock and watch the sunset. Netra would be happy too and as a result I would be happy too.

The air had begun to get cold and I had to take out my jacket from the bag as only the Tshirt was doing no good and I did not want to get sick with the cold breeze whizzing past me at that high relative speed! Also with the roads starting to get more curvy, I had to be extra careful.

Netra clung to me as tightly as ever. Her presence was a motivation to complete the short distance in the time that was available, as I really wanted her to enjoy the sunset from the spots I had heard so much about. With speeds in between 80 and 100 kilometers per hour, I kept moving ahead.

As we reached closer to the city, we could spot the small rocky hills. A beautiful sight. The warmth of the evening sun made the sight even more pleasant. In the end we reached Krishnagiri, just in time for the sunset. Did not get a chance to go up the hills, but was able to watch it from a decent vantage point.

I had chai and Netra saw the scene around while I did this. There was the cops in the middle of the road, which we both wondered why, there was a statue pointing to the sky, and there was this huge rocky cliffs that surrounded the entire city of Krishnagiri.

Sensing that it gets dark very soon, we decided to get back home. Chai over, a couple of shots for memory taken, and off we started on our way back.

Little did we know that the adventure was not over yet. On our journey back the petrol indicator needle was at the extreme end of finishing. In moments like these, panic sets in and the fear tries to disturb the concentration. The high beams of the opposite way traffic does not help either. I remember seeing a lot of gas stations while coming, so logically there should be some on the return too. The only problem was that I was not sure how far back had I seen the last gas station. I start to hope for the best.

Thankfully after driving around 5 kilometers, I spot a sign that says Bharat Petroleum gas station 3 kms ahead. With a smile and some extra josh, I reached the gas station and filled more than I ever would so that I do not run out of it again.

Got back to Hosur, took another short break for the lovely Dosas and chai and reached home safe and sound.

Later in the night, I asked her, did you enjoy the evening. The adrenaline rush, the sense of urgency and adventure, the fear of getting lost and being stranded on the National Highway 7 with loads of trucks going by, and reaching home safe in the end.

Netra smiled. I thought she did.
If only someone else could see her smile just way I do.



Anonymous said...

I am sure Netra loved the ride. Such an awesome read. Sab imagine kar sakte hain without even seeing the places. Sounds like an adventurous trip ! Next time tank bhar ke nikalna Netra ko impress karne ;)

Rhapsody said...

WOW!Man...this sounds so much fun & adventurous. I love spontaneous trips. They are always so much fun. I'm so glad you decided to drive up to Krishnagiri :)

hmm...coming to you & Netra. I'm sure she loved the entire experience.You must do this for often :)

PS-Why don't you add some pictures of the trip?

Jas B said...