17 January, 2010

The Priceless Feeling

You have to give it to the MasterCard fellows for creating the Priceless concept. Every time I have seen their ads, I have always yearned for such a feeling. There have been numerous occasions that have come close, but there are ones that are special. As a person who lives life by the moments to cherish, this priceless feeling is indeed a nice feeling.

Today was one such Priceless moment. A childhood friend had a kid a few months back .. and we are all uncles now officially. :) We had gathered at his place over for lunch. We here are 4 of us from the same small town in Bihar. The moment that I will cherish is the discussions on the childhood memories and the love we have for our home town.. Priceless. It is a feeling that one cannot describe in words.

Of late there have been numerous of these priceless moments. One of them being seeing one's own company take shape... after the countless nights of hard work put into it. and then Seeing first payment cheque in the name of your company.. Priceless. The present state of the company is a secondary thing. If the start is made.. there will be more to follow.

I had a dream of traveling all India before i turn 30. I did quite a bit myself, but now am doing so more frequently thanks to the photography workshops, being invited as a photography visiting faculty. But the joy of sharing the stories from the travels and sharing the knowledge...Priceless.

Start noticing these priceless moments in your lives, if you have not started it yet! Smile at it... and then spread the smile!


~ ॐ ~ said...

I know what it feels like :)

Good going bro!!! jeete raho :)

Smart Gemini said...

Absolutely! Such get togethers allows one to cherish wonderful memories... They are indeed priceless!

Rhapsody said...


I do notice these priceless moments in my life...can't thank God enough for them. :)...and looking fwd to so many pricless moments that life is has in store for me...:)

may your life continues to be blessed with such beautiful and priceless moments...:)

Jas B said...

True, we need to appreciate, recognise, enjoy and cherish these Priceless moments!


Kshitiz Anand said...

:) Thanks Omi!

:) Thanks Saryu!

:) Thanks Swati ! Glad you do!

Thanks Jas ! :) Cheers!