04 May, 2010

A life with (out) passion

One of the things I live my life by is Passion. I am a totally passion driven person. The moment I lose my passion in something, I stop doing it. However, sometimes I do go to the extent of re-igniting the passion through some means. And that re-igniting the passion which I am talking about here.

I know a few friends of mine who had some sort of passion, and have stopped believing in that. The moment I get to hear of such stories, I am disappointed. More often than not, the culprit is 'time' and thats sad. 

The passion gives a moment to be true to yourself, and do what the soul really loves doing.


~ ॐ ~ said...

bhai... suna hai na...

Samay bahut balwaan hota hai :)

Rhapsody said...