26 May, 2010

Taking joy in small accomplishments

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day, and he mentioned that he liked the fact that I sought for happines in the small pleasures in life.

Amongst the few things, that make up the list is sharing moments with children and people on the streets during my photography, having chai at a roadside tea stall, a quiet moment under the starlit night from atop a hill, traveling in the Indian Rail etc.

I also love surprises, and it was a pleasant surprise when I was featured in the May 22 issue of the Bangalore Citizen matters magazine as a Pick of the fortnight.

Small pleasures again, but totally worth living for it !


Shivam Khullar said...

Could not have agreed more with this. It is the small things, small gestures, that count - rest is all just a summation of these small things ! Congratulations -- aajkal to aap magazines mein feature hone lage hain -- ab dilli door nahin ;) lol

God Bless you!

Jas B said...


Kshitiz Anand said...

:) Shivi!
U all set for the big day ?

:) Jas!

Inspector Clouseau said...

Nice work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the “Next Blog” button in the Nav Bar at the top of my blogspot blog. I occasionally just check out other blogs to see what others are doing.