08 June, 2010

What a crazy week that was!

Once in a while there are phases which are so low, that the only way to look at getting out of it is to believe that going up it is going to be from here on. 

The past week has perhaps been the most crazy week in my life so far. There have been multiple things going on in the personal as well as the professional field.

From moments of breach of trust, to people simply ignoring me, agony at the loss of a friend to moments of anxiety with admission blues for sister, to making a firm determination to not undercharge for my services. 

A few of these did lead to moments of depression, and in the middle of that there was hardly any moments to cheer up. However that is past. And one needs to bounce back.

Of all the things that the past week has taught me is its just all about - each one for one self.

So here's a cheer to good life, and good bye to the depressions :)


Rhapsody said...


Jas B said...

Have to look forward...

Salute, to a good life ahead.

Pesto Sauce said...

Life will have its ups and downs, never forget to smile

Kshitiz Anand said...

Cheer up Swati !

Yeps Salute indeed Jas !

:) Absolutely Pesto Sauce :) [Would be better if i had a name to address too]