04 September, 2008

Lost Smiles

This is in memory of the many people who have been rendered homeless in the recent floods in Bihar.

Lost Smiles..

Lost Smiles

In the darkness of the day,
a deluge unwanted arose.
from the waters untamed..
..which were once a blessing.

To territories once abandoned
..to places one thought safe
making its presence felt ..
in lives it never dwelt.

One lost those crops
Some lost a beloved
Some their kins...
but all their smiles.

Haunting memories...
it leaves each day.
stories to be told
for centuries later.

How am i to...
laugh again.
how am i to get back
to the future
without a scar
of the recent past.

How am I to smile again?


Chandan said...

o bhaia ... tu kahan kahan se photo lataa hai?? is this from ur repository or a new pic?? badiya expressions hain :)
and an awesome poem!

Kshitiz Anand said...

Hi Chandan,
That pic is from my repository. Was shot in my last visit to Bihar in May this year.

Glad you liked the poem too.