27 September, 2008

Lucky Number

But, before I stick onto my current lucky number, I think I should give a short history of my lucky numbers.
My first lucky number I can remember about, was 2.
This was logical as I born on 20th and
that adds upto 2.
I stuck to it for a pretty long time, and then something happened.

When I went to North Point, the roll numbers were in the order of the surnames. So I was at roll number 5. And then, at a game show in the school fete, when I was in class 5, and I had won a prize (a brylcream hair cream), after I had randomny selected 5 as the number. So here I was getting these signs from somewhere that perhaps 5 was my lucky number!

I remember reading those sacred mantras before sleeping 5 times, and also taking up the number 5 jersey, when playing for the house football games. (too bad that I sucked at them though :P)
So it was 5 all around! Players who wore the number 5 jersey, became my favorite and I made it a point to have the number 5 around me at all times.

Little did I know that the hair cream was going to be the only prize I would ever win!

As the classes changed, a couple of guys left our school, or something happened. My new roll number was 3.
Hence, yes you guessed it right. My lucky number changed to 3.
Also, for a stretch of around 5 years, class 6-class 10, I was coming third in class, so it was natural for me select 3. A lot of people consider 3 to be unlucky. There are lot of things that people say that you should not do three times. But here I was. Thinking that I was "different" and perhapd 3 was my lucky number!

Did not really get lucky with 3, so i thought to change back to my good old 2.
Back in IIT, my jersey number at he hockey team was 2. I was just trying to stick to this.
Nothing lucky really happened.

I tried 13, 7, and 4 for a few days too. No luck in either of them...
So the whole concept of a lucky number faded away ..

Of late I have been feeling that my lucky number is 9.
I will tell you why!
I recently turned 27. Which adds up to 9.
I was born in 81, which again adds up to 9. :)
I was born in the 9th month of the year.

So,What's your lucky number?

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