17 September, 2008

Mind Dump

A fresh (blank) piece of paper.
Pen / Pencil

Time to perform: 15-20 minutes.

Ideal place to perform: While traveling :)

Activity: Just dump everything that is going on in your mind onto that piece of paper. Of the things that you are doing, things that you wished you would do, things you wish you would do.
This could be as simple as doing groceries, calling mom, cleaning house, call up lover, learn something, chat with someone, read/post blogs, etc etc.

Do in silence independently and without consulting anyone and without any censorship.

After doing this, reflect for a while.
It's amazing how much it works. One is able to see the different tasks and what's taking how much time.

I did this today, and was surprised to find out that I was not able to stop writing!
My page was full and I was still finding for place to write more.
At the end it struck me, my life is way tooooo complicated, with toooo many of unwanted things taking up too much of my precious time.

Chief result: Prioritize things. Time management.

You cannot do EVERYTHING well. Do somethings only, but do it VERY WELL.


I am said...

yo BOSS :)
do ONE but JUST do that 200% :)

I did a similar thing, with everything I wished and want from A to Z, I had a full matrix going with column 1 to 10 !!

came to the same conclusion as yours :)

short term priority, 1 year priority, then everything beyond that 'BALTI' :)

~mE said...

i am glad you wrote this post. I am a total to do list person. Every morning with my coffee mug i sit on the table and make a note what are the things i need to ACCOMPLISH today...what are the carryovers from last day and why it has been carried over....and the list is sometimes half full and sometimes fully full :)

I attended a time management workshop. it was SOMETHING I tell you. I got to think of a Mission and vision of my life.
I got to think about my goals and action points to reach there
i got to think about my values. There was a follow up after 21 days.

it was one interesting session.

The guy who conducted the workshop was an 80 year old man. He asked us to draw a horizontal line and mark zero on one end and 100 on the other. If you consider your life span to be this line mark yourself against this line and most of them or all of them marked close to half of it. he also did the same exercise and he had marked himself closer to zero ...:) he says he just started living :D all oldies say that :) lol

the only take away for me is that "to do thing" you need to write it down and it works...for me it did

Kshitiz Anand said...

Thanks Tanu!
Agree on that thing. I know that would be very contradicting with the kind of a person I am, but still am trying!

I like that word .. Balti!

Thanks Sharanya!
Thats an interesting thing to do. I like it when the person put himself on the time scale. :)

Sakshi said...