03 November, 2008

People ... and their thoughts....

If you say too much to the person you love... people think you are being over protective.
If you do not say .. people think you are not being loving.
If you are too close to a person of the same sex, people think you are gay.
If you talk too much to people from other sex, people think you are a pervert.
If you talk a lot about yourself, people think you are a narcissist.

People I tell you... always...have some weird thoughts!
Why can't they just live their own lives and let others live in peace with their own lives.

But that's not possible.
Gossiping is basic human nature and it cannot be changed. If it did, there would be no scandals. no page 3, no masala!

Guess one has to live by it.


~mE said...

its not gossping ok..its knowing about others :)

I am said...

BMJ !!! for all such things :)